About Us + Our Mission 

About Us

We are an investment company based in Nairobi, Kenya
providing funding and working on projects throughout Kenya
to develop and implement innovative and sustainable solutions for a
better future

Our  Mission

- Green Solutions for Green Skies -
We have made it our goal to to pursue projects that create opportunities
protect our enviroment and improve people;s lives.
We belive in the significance of bringing a positive change
and introducing innovation to the
developing world

Current   Projects

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Contact Us

At Green Skies Investment we encourage creativity and

aspire to explore new possibilities. If you would like

to know something new about our project or

share an existing new idea, do not hestiate

to get in touch. We are open for suggestions

and bussiness enquiries. You can find a

fellow company member on


Excited about the possibility
to assist in our projects and
bring positive change to
the world?
Our company is recruiting!
We are looking for talented young
professionals aspiring
to meet new challenges.
Send your CV and cover letter
to our email.